Terms and conditions of sale
Terms and conditions of use


These conditions are concluded exclusively between L’ESCAPADE AIXOISE (registration-in-progress), hereinafter referred to as lescapadeaixoise.com or “the HOST” or “the parties” and any person visiting or making a purchase via the www. lescapadeaixoise.com, hereinafter referred to as the user or “the LESSON” or “the parties”.

The parties agree that their relations will be governed exclusively by these terms and conditions of sale, which are available on the site lescapadeaixoise.com. The order implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale. Lastly, our general and special conditions of sale define the modalities of renting furnished furnished studios at 5 rue de La Louvière and 15 rue du Puits Neuf13100 AIX-EN-PROVENCE (price, payment, cancellation conditions, modification of the contract). .) between lescapa-deaixoise.com “the HOST” and the surfer “the TENANT”. However, we expressly reserve the right to make changes to the information on the prices of the proposed rentals, as well as the dates of opening and closing of the proposed studios, according to the terms and conditions defined in the general conditions and specific sales. hereinafter and without any such modifications, the lescapadeaixoise.com. Whenever possible, we undertake to communicate to the takers, as soon as possible, any changes that we may make to these conditions and post orders. ALSO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE, THIS CONTRACT WILL BE REGULATED AND ANALYZED ACCORDING TO THE FRENCH LEGISLATION TO WHICH YOU ARE ATTACHED ?? IN ORDER TO MAKE YOUR ORDER WITHOUT APPLICATION OF THE CONFLICT OF LAWS RULES IN THE EVENT THAT ANY PROVISION OF THIS AGREEMENT IS ILLEGAL, NULL OR INAPPLICABLE FOR ANY REASON, IT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED NOT TO BE INCLUDED IN THIS AGREEMENT. NOT AFFECT THE VALIDITY OR APPLICATION OF THE OTHER PROVISIONS. THIS CONSTITUTES THE COMPLETE AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PARTIES ON THE OBJECT MENTIONED; IT WILL ONLY BE CHANGED BY A WRITTEN SIGNED BY THE TWO CONTRACTING PARTIES.

The characteristics, general and special conditions of sale and rental price will be contrac-tuels from the acceptance before payment of the order. We can only take into account paid and irrevocable orders within the limits of available places. The IT system to which you are connected accepts online payments and manages availabilities at the time of the consultation and order. The photos are only illustrative, for example a customer will not necessarily the furniture represented on the site if the furniture was subject to changes … etc.

It is agreed the following lescapadeaixoise.com offers 3 furnished studios for 2 people with a minimum of 1 night rental. The occupation of the accommodation is strictly limited to the number of people indicated on the site is 2 adults per accommodation. lescapadeaixoise.com offers a furnished studio rental concept mainly for short stays. These lodgings are in no way intended to constitute principal residences or even secondary residences, so that the surfer “the LESSOR” can not establish his residence in the places whether it is continuous or discontinuous. The HOST therefore makes available to the surfer “le PRENEUR”, at L’ESCAPADE AIXOISE at 5 Rue de la Louvière and / or 15 Rue du Puits Neuf, the furnished premises for the exclusive use of the following temporary dwelling specified here -before he will not constitute his principal or secondary residence. The contract is concluded intuitu personae and fixed term (date arrival and departure date indicated on order of the surfer “the TENANT”). The user “the LESSON”) agrees to make the housing in good used condition at the end of his stay. It is expressly provided that by way of derogation from the provisions of Article 1721 of the Civil Code, the HOST shall not be guaranteed for the defects of the furnished room or its furniture, even if hidden to the extent or in such a case another dwelling could be proposed. The HOST can only be responsible for his fraud or gross negligence. The parties agree that the other occupants of the other furnished studios are third parties within the meaning of Article 1725 of the Civil Code.

The HOST can no longer guarantee the regularity of the public services of water, electricity, gas, telephone, internet or even guarantee the deprivation of enjoyment of the elevator and the elevator if exists, whether the duration if it comes from unemployment imposed on it, or these devices, to put them in good condition or to make repairs in advance unforeseen (washing machine, dryer, fridge …) or if the stop is caused by a case of force majeure independent of the will of the HOST.


The internet user “the LESSEE” declares to be 18 years old and the legal capacity to contract on our website lescapadeaixoise.com as well as to respect the present general and particular conditions of sale or to hold a parental authorization allowing him to carry out a order on the website les-capadeaixoise.com.

The placing of your order is done in several stages:

  • the user “the LESSEE” fills out his order form (contact details, accommodation …),
  • the surfer “le PRENEUR” chooses his rental dates (arrival date and departure date)
  • the user “the LESSEE” must obligatorily accept the general and special conditions of sale to validate his order,
  • the user “the LESSEE” makes his payment,
  • the surfer “le preneur” then receives from lescapadeaixoise.com an e-mail recording his order,
  • Lastly, the user “le preneur” receives an e-mail confirming his order. Housing access codes will be given to the “LESSEE” after the arrival formalities (co-pie title identity, credit card imprint, acceptance of general conditions, knowledge of the inventory …) . If the LESSEE refuses to carry out the formalities of arrival by not presenting the documents and guarantees required by the AIXOISE ESCAPADE or by presenting documents not being valid “the LESSEE” will not be able to accede to his housing and can not claim any refund or compensation from L’ESCAPADE AIXOISE.

The order validation e-mail signifies the acceptance by capadeaixoise.com of the order of the surfer “the LESSEE” subject to completing the formalities of arrival and thus forms the rental agreement between the parties . The online supply of the credit card number and the final validation of the order (rules of the user “taker”) are proof of the integrali-té of the order. This validation is worth signing and acceptance of the lease agreement and all the transactions made on the site lescapadeaixoise.com by the surfer “le preneur”. In the case of an order whose amount exceeds € 100, as well as in the context of anti-fraud controls aimed at securing the transactions of its customers, capadeaixoise.com will be entitled to ask the user ” the LESSEE “to provide one or more proof of residence and / or co-pie identity card by e-mail or sms before confirming his order. The order will be final only upon receipt by lescapadeaixoise.com of these documents and sending the confirmation e-mail. In the absence of the reception of these pieces or if these do not make it possible to identify in a certain way the identity of the author of the order and the reality of his domiciliation, lescapa-deaixoise.com reserves the right not to not accept the order. lescapadeaixoise.com reserves the right to refuse an order if there is a previous dispute in progress or an abnormally high level of control. Unless proved otherwise, our computer records and those of our service providers, kept under reasonable conditions of security, will constitute the proof of all the transactions made between the copadeaixoise.com and the surfer “the TENANT”. We proceed with an archiving of purchase orders and invoices on a reliable support. In accordance with the legislative provisions, the surfer “the LESSEE” will be able to have access on request, for the orders of an amount superior or equal to 500 €. lescapadeaixoise.com recommends to the surfer “le preneur” to keep the email of validation of his order.


This rental contract has effect for the duration indicated and settled on the reservation (order with date arrival and departure …). In application of the provisions of Article 1737 of the Civil Code, the lease will automatically cease without the need to give leave. In view of the impossibility of making the premises a principal or secondary residence, the LESSEE whose lease has expired can not claim the maintenance in the premises object of said contract and must have released the housing on the day of end of the lease no later than 11am to allow free enjoyment of the premises by the HOST.

The maintenance in the places can not be interpreted as a tacit renewal of the present lease but as an occupation without right or title giving right to the HOST to any measure of execution to find the free enjoyment of the places. It is expressly provided that the collection of any compensation for the benefit of the HOST subsequent to the end of the lease may not be interpreted as an implied agreement to the renewal of the lease pursuant to Article 1738 of the civil code, only the payment by credit card of the surfer “lessee” of a new order that can allow a new lease. The terms of the rental agreement (GTC) appearing on the order of the surfer “lessee” who must obligatorily accept them to pay for his order by credit card.

In addition if the user “taker” wishes to extend his stay (dates indicated on order and invoice transformed into a firm reservation when the surfer “the LESSEE” has settled online), he must validate and pay his new order on lescapadeaixoise.com at least two days before the end of the stay in order to avoid being obliged to leave the premises on that date. In this case, the user “the LESSEE” must obligatorily place a new order on the site of les-capadeaixoise.com subject to availability, in addition lescapadeaixoise.com can not guarantee the availability and maintenance of the rate for this new order , lescapadeaixoise.com will also be able to offer for rent a furnished studio different from the one rented initially. lescapa-deaixoise.com reserves the right to refuse a new order. In addition, any new order is subject to compliance with the following conditions: full payment of rents and pre-payment by credit card of rents corresponding to the new period.

Early departure: any early departure will be considered as a cancellation of stay, refer to the article Cancellation for details.


Prices are in euros, it is up to the user “the LESSON” to appreciate before paying the entire order if the price suits him. Any modification on the part of the user “the LESSON”, after the payment of his order (change of date …) will have to be formulated by enamel on the site of lescapadeaixoise.com.

On the other hand, if the user “the LESSEE” wishes to modify his order later to the payment of his order, lescapadeaixoise.com can not guarantee that this modification is applied, the prices appearing on the site and on our brochures. mean by dwelling alone. The entire stay is charged on the credit card with the order which will then turn into a firm reservation, this rate is non-cancellable, non-modifiable and non-refundable.


The total payment of the credit card order will automatically convert your order into a firm booking. To proceed to the total payment of the order by credit card you must obligatorily accept our general conditions and particular sales (rental contract), a detailed order form (housing, dates …) will be sent to you by email and the general conditions and particular sales.

The entire stay is charged on the credit card to the order which will then turn into a firm booking, this rate is non-cancellable, non-modifiable and non-refundable, whatever the reason for your cancellation, lescapadeaixoise.com can not undergo the consequences of your own circumstances, any stay canceled, interrupted or shortened or any service not consumed for any reason whatsoever, does not give rise to any refund.


The entire stay is charged on the credit card with the order which will then turn into a firm reservation, this rate is non-cancellable, non-modifiable and non-refundable. For all the days, the surfer “the LESSEE” will have to carry out the formalities of arrival and four-nir the imprint of his credit card (numbers of credit card and card valid on the duration of the stay) the copy of 1 identity card (valid title for the duration of the stay). For stays a deposit of 200 euros will be required in case of non-compliance with the internal regulations. The credit card imprint and the security deposit may be used to guarantee the proper performance of the terms and conditions of this rental contract as security for the payment of the accommodation, the costs of the losses, degradations and disappearances. equipment, furniture, object at replacement cost, deodorization of curtains if smell of tobacco, cleaning of covers, linen or quilts made dirty or stained, deterioration of premises, vacancy of premises resulting from damage suffered and the time necessary for the repairs and finally the cleaning of the places or the sums possibly due by the LESSEE. The rate in effect at the time of departure is posted on the website lescapadeaixoise.com. The security deposit being made by bank imprint the user “lessee” authorizes lescapadeaixoise.com to collect on his credit card the sums due in this respect within the limit of the equivalent of 200 €.


The furnished studio will be made available to the surfer “le preneur” in a perfect state of maintenance. The surfer “the LESSEE” will use places in “good father” according to articles 1728 and 1729 of the civil code. He will have to occupy the rented places peacefully. An inventory fi-gure in each furnished studio and the surfer “the TENANT” will have to verify the exactitude and the quality and to signal to the HOST by the form contact of the site lescapadeaixoise.com as soon as it enters the places (the case the next morning in case of late arrival) any anomalies, missing or degraded objects, which constitutes an agreement of proof between the parties. At the departure of the surfer “the LESSEE”, the inventory and the state of cleanliness of the furnished studio will be controlled by lescapadeaixoise.com and any failure to the inventory or damage caused to the furnished studio will be debit of the bank card of the surfer “the LESSEE” at the rate in force at the time of departure, rate posted on the website lescapadeaixoise.com.

The furnished studio must be returned in the same state of cleanliness as when renting. Depending on the condition of the accommodation from the user “the LESSEE”, the cleaning fee will be charged on the credit card of the user “the LESSON” at the rate in effect at the time of departure, posted on the site lescapadeaixoise.com. Lescapadeaixoise.com reserves the right to enter the rented premises for maintenance, control or security. The TENANT will be prohibited from subletting all or part of the furnished premises, nor will he be able to assign his rental contract to a third party. The surfer “the LESSEE” will have to suffer from all the urgent repairs in application of article 1724 of the civil code. By way of derogation from the paragraph 2 of article 1724 specified if the repairs exceed 40 days, the surfer “the LESSEE” will not be entitled to any reduction of the price of his lease. The surfer “the LESSEE” can not claim any right that would result from the mere knowledge by the “HOST” of an irregular situation.

This situation can not be created of right in the absence of any positive non ambiguous act worth authorization. The surfer “the LESSEE” will not be able to introduce under any circumstances any animals in the rented premises except for guide dogs for the blind, without prior information to the “HOST”. the surfer “the LESSEE” should in no case throw garbage, debris, drums, lines and greywater in the courtyards, in the toilets and pipes of any order in default of cleaning and disgorgement costs will be put in the load of the surfer “the TENANT”. The surfer “the LESSEE” can not make any modification or change in the disposition of the furniture and places. The surfer “the TENANT” will not be able to receive visitors or to lodge visitors as well in the rented studio as in the common parts. The surfer “the LESSEE” will not be able to park, park or immobilize his vehicle in the courtyard which access is through the green gate.

The user “the LESSEE” declares having read the rules of procedure applicable within the premises and of these general and particular conditions of sale, general and special conditions of sale that the surfer “the LESSEE” must obligatorily accept to accede the payment of his order and which can be consulted at any time on the site of www.lescapadeaixoise.com. The visitor “the LESSEE must sign on arrival (arrival formalities see paragraph terms of payment) a lease. For all stays, the surfer “the LESSEE” will have to carry out the formalities of arrival and provide the imprint of his credit card (numbers of credit card and valid card on the duration of the stay) the copy of 2 identity documents (titles valid for the duration of the stay), an RIB, a debit authorization as well as sign the rental contract to gain access to his housing, and declares to accept without reserve all of its provisions . If “the LESSEE” refuses to provide the required documents to the arrival formalities or if the documents provided by “the LESSEE” are invalid, “the LESSEE” will be denied access to his accommodation. If “the PRE-NEUR” refuses to sign the rental contract (obligatory document to the formalities of arrival), “the TENOR” will be denied access to his home. The contract is subject to articles 1708 et seq. Of the Civil Code and can not be considered as a hotel contract insofar as the services provided by this type of contract are not insured; the services offered are not included in the rent and only offered on an ancillary basis. This lease is entered into as a temporary residence.

As an essential condition of the validity of this lease, the user “the LESSEE” is prohibited from making the premises thus rented his principal or even secondary residence; the user “the PRENER” occupant can not register any company at the address of the apartments or practice any commercial activity, craft or professional. It can not avail itself of the legal stipulations applicable in way of residential leases, in particular as for the duration of the lease (date arrived and departure on command) and the maintenance in the places. Consequently the contract will be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code as well as by the conditions provided herein.


Arrivals are from 17:00 for the Studio, for the House and the Apartment AND departures no later than 11:00. These times will be confirmed on your order which will be sent to you by email after your payment.

The access codes will be given to the “LESSEE” as well as the explanatory information to the good functioning of certain equipments after the reservation, by mail or sms.Internet “the LESSEE” will make an entry and an independent exit.


The objects or personal effects of the taker are his own responsibility. lescapadeaixoise.com can not be held responsible for objects that the LESSEER has lost or that the LESSEE is stolen within the building.


If you wish to receive personal mail, the name and address of the residence must appear on the envelope and your name.


It is up to the renters to respect the rules of the condominium. In case of force majeure or fortuitous events, lescapadeaixoise.com can not be held responsible for the nuisances that would disturb, interrupt or prevent your stay (flood, demonstration, general cut of electricity, water, works …) that can take place around your place of residence. lescapadeaixoise.com can not be held responsible for acts of third parties with whom they have no contracts, lessee customers will be informed of such nuisance only on the condition that we ourselves have been informed.


If the circumstances so require, L’ESCAPADE AIXOISE may be obliged to modify partially or totally its services regarding both accommodation and additional services such as the breakfast provided the day after the arrival. No compensation can be requested.


The LESSEE is insured for fire risks; water damage and broken glass

Whatever the length of stay.

Are not supported:

  • Damage to vehicles parked in outdoor parking lots and / or in the basement
  • damage to third parties, theft, damage or loss of personal effects in the rented studios or in the AIXOISE ESCAPADE including in the common premises and all other outbuildings or annexes of AIXOISE ESCAPADE.
  • insurance for pets

Thus the responsibility of lescapadeaixoise.com can not be engaged for one of these reasons. the-capadeaixoise.com not being a hotel, the provisions of articles 1952 and following of the civil code relating to hoteliers are not applicable.


The contract will be automatically terminated without formality and without delay in case of non-performance by the user “the LESSEE” of one of its essential obligations including the rejection of the payment by credit card of the amount of the rental, the refusal of provide the required documents or sign the rental contract upon arrival to complete check-in formalities, non-compliance with the internal regulations, presentation of invalid documents during the rental period or inappropriate behavior likely to disrupt the co-ownership. The surfer “the LESSEE” must immediately leave the premises and may be expelled if necessary with the assistance of law enforcement on simple summary order. In this case, no refund will be made.


The information collected during your rental is subject to computer processing for the administrative and commercial use of lescapadeaixoise.com. In accordance with the law “Informatique et Libertés” of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004, you will have a right to access and rectify information that concerns you that you can exercise by sending your request to the CNIL. You can also for legitimate reasons to oppose the processing of data about you. If you do not want to receive commercial information from lescapa-deaixoise.com for services similar to those subject hereof, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter.

For the execution of the present the parts make election of domicile instead of its seat for the HOST and in the rented premises for the Net surfer “the TENANT”

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